Start a Business Online

Starting a business online can be mind boggling and extremely frustrating for the beginner. Which advice should I listen to? Which webpage should I click on? Do I need money? Do I need a website? Do I need to pay for help? Where do I find the REAL answers? I promise to give you these answers and more.

I promise you it is not as hard as you may think it is. Stop thinking so much, me and you will go back to the basics and use common sense.

Right here I am going to simplify the process tremendously in order to help you.

Here it is in THREE simplified steps:

1) You need a place to sell: A SHOP

2) You need something to sell: A PRODUCT

3) You need someone to sell it to: THE CUSTOMERS

Now here is an online translation of the above concepts:

1) A SHOP = Your very own online business website

2) A PRODUCT = Any thing “quality” you want to sell (you can sell another product if you cannot be bothered creating your own)

3) CUSTOMERS = Online Traffic(you want people coming to your store right?)

I will give you a short introduction to the first step.

Step 1: A SHOP

Building a Website is NOT difficult. It can be done, and it is in fact cheap and easy.

The first part is you begin by choosing a name for your website or business (or if you have a existing company or business you can use this name). You will need only roughly $10 to purchase a “domain name” from a “Registrar”.

A “domain name” is a name owned by a person or organization used as an Internet address to identify the location of particular Web pages: For example a domain name could be a name of a school or university followed

Every website has a domain name, IF you want to be on the internet you must have a domain name.
A “registrar” is simply an online business where you can buy a domain name (sometimes you can buy other services too).

Easy is that. These are the first two steps. Later on, I will recover these steps in detail, but also we will look into “hosting” and “building content”. After all you cannot simply own the name of a store, without having a location and building, can you?

“Web Hosting” is simply a place online to UPLOAD (send) all of your website into, so that it is made “public”, meaning the entire World Wide Web can now view your business online!

You actually need to purchase this location, it is usually quite cheap. There is a way you can get this for free with certain membership websites.

You now know enough to Start a Business Online Today!

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