List Building Is a Huge Dilemma for New Comers to Network Marketing

List building is a critical activity in internet marketing and network marketing done through the internet. Knowing how to build a list can mean the difference between success and failure on an online opportunity. This is especially true in Network Marketing where you need to recruit fast to offset your cost for advertising. Although having a list does not necessary guarantee recruits, it increases your chances of getting off on the right foot in any opportunity.

In my own experience, when I started, I did not know how to build a list and if I see any e-book or course on list building, I avoided it. My brain simply did not want to understand the technical complexity of the process. As a matter of fact, I understood the importance of building a list but I had no time to understand the technical aspect of doing it. As a result I go for methods that did not involve list building. How wrong was I, because the money lost could have been used on training on list building. There is no way around it and I had to know it or be a statistic in the business.

Well any newbie to internet marketing will know that it is not easy to understand list building. You need something of value to give away, an autoresponder with a squeeze page and website with this autoresponder embedded. OK you may need a domain name and if you have an affiliate link, you would want to redirect the domain name to this affiliate site. Oh what is a squeeze page anyway? I got lost in all these. It was just technically intimidating. To be honest, I even read several books on it and still got lost.

Despite that I studied the process and got to know it. But list building involves paying for the autoresponders on a monthly basis. And if you are not using free traffic generation methods than it will cost you money to drive traffic to the squeeze page. If you are just giving something away to build a list then you still need to monetize the leads which appropriate offers which is another aspect of internet marketing you have to learn. Building a list in itself does not make money until you monetize the leads. In network marketing this is crucial as you may be on autoship monthly which you will have to break even to make money.

List building is a difficult thing and one of the most important thing you can do to reduce your learning curve is to buy into a system that has an inbuilt autoresponder and one that you do not need to design a squeeze page. This will buy you time to learn the whole process of list building while the system generates leads for you. You can avoid the technically intimidating stuff and concentrate on driving traffic. Make sure that there are affiliate programs in the system that can you can generate retail income to offset membership costs. Simply put, you cannot avoid the process of list building. It will make or break your online business.

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