Disadvantage and Advantage of Building a Network Marketing Business Online

Whatever strategy you are using in building your network marketing business there are always advantages and disadvantages. So the best thing you should do is build your business through strategy that you are comfortable and have knowledge. Otherwise hire people or even recruit a person who is good in the area that you are not.

There is a saying that when you do something that you are not good with, “your maximum becomes your minimum.” What do I mean by this, it only means that how much effort and energy you exert into something you are not good with. You will still not get the result that you want.

You should always remember that every individual has its own uniqueness, strength and passion. So therefore before you start something, let’s say a project, you must identify first your goal, objective, and the people you will be working with. Ask yourself first these questions:

Do these people that I’ll employ have something that I’m not good at?

Will they perform well?

In this article, I’m going to share some advantages and disadvantages on building business via old school method or online method

Building a Network Marketing Business Purely Online

The problem when you are building your business purely online is that, there are thousands of information on the internet that teaches networkers how to build a business online. And these information create information overload paralysis to you and your down lines.

When you are into information overload the problem is that you get confuse how to start the business, mixing traditional and online marketing. You’ll end up experimenting, doing trial and error on your strategies.

Another problem with internet marketing is that, the success of the marketer will depend on the marketer’s mastery on the platform. And platforms get obsolete within five (5) to ten (10) years time. Compare with old school technique which is relationship

With internet marketing there is no “warm body ” relationship involve so you’ll be having a hard time leading your down lines because you are not with them physically.

But building it online has a tremendous advantage, which are the following:

It offers more leverage because once you generated good traffic from other websites marketing becomes passive. Imagine prospecting 24/7 which off line marketing can’t do.

It is not expensive compare with traditional network marketing that you have to go from places to place.

Building a Network Marketing Business Purely Offline

The downfall of building a MLM business using traditional method is that it is expensive because you need cash for mobilization. You have to be physically present and need to go from places to places to present the opportunity to prospects, motivate, and monitor your down lines.

Actually with traditional strategy your business is people, you have to be with people. Compare with online marketing, your business is to generate traffic and convert traffic into sales.

So if you are a type of person who loved to be with people, then building a network marketing offline is best for you.

Building a Network Marketing Business Both Offline and Online

Here’s what I’ve learned from a great internet network marketer and a BetterNetworker.com instructor, Jerry Chen.

“Stop looking for SHORTCUTS, and stick to what works”

In my opinion, you duplicate what successful people do in the industry. If you want to build a business purely online then find a successful person who will mentor you, this also applies when building business offline.

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